People vs Attorney General : Only in the UK.

These past few days, a UK High Court verdict has resurrected talks about the neutrality of monarchy and that whether or not the public has the right to know if the monarch in question is, and has always been neutral in politics. After all, it is the only reason why they cannot vote in elections.

The verdict, as anyone of ‘sound mind’ would predict, was against the attorney general who vetoed a freedom of information request by The Guardian to release all and every letter from Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, to the cabinet. This will enable the public to ensure the prince’s neutrality in politics.

The prince allegedly interfered with the government at times and has expressed disagreement with certain policies of former prime minister Blair and his cabinet. If these accusations are true, then it is only right to launch further investigations into the prince’s conduct.

The public has the right to be informed, as determined rightfully by The Guardian.

All said, this new shambles supported by this attorney general has reminded me of a piece of music by Handel: Zadok the Priest.