What a piece of work

What a piece of work is this guy, Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu).

He complains about the EU countries summoning Israeli ambassadors over the settlements [Read more @ BBC], which by the way, are outside the UN’s formal recognition of Israeli borders, and says “When did the EU call in the Palestinian ambassadors about incitement that calls for Israel’s destruction?”. He has the audacity to say this, whilst knowing that Palestine is NOT formally considered to be a country by the UN, and cannot therefore be dealt with as such. I don’t know about the Israeli, but that’s not what we call a successful practice of propaganda and populism in European politics.

He also forgets that his praised-by-him late predecessor, Ariel Sharon, made the former British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, wait for a meeting with him for hours, only because beforehand, whilst visiting Iran, he used the noun “Palestine” rather than the adjective “Palestinian” in an article for the Iranian press. [See Straw’s interview with The Independent ]

Someone, maybe an advisor to Bibi, needs to remind him of three things:

1- There are certain boundaries in the world that you are not supposed to cross.

2- Patience, even the American kind of it towards Israel, has a limit. The terms and conditions of which, however, does not include the Israeli defence minister insulting the American Foreign Secretary. [Read more at the BBC website]

3- The Arabs have more money than Israel, which might change the balance if deemed necessary.

What separates, has to be learned. What unites, can be seen in an instant.
– Sartre, J.P. (1954) Colonialism and Neocolonialism.