BBC World Services Responds to my Complaint

Response of BBC Persian (BBC World Services) to my letter criticising their programme on homosexuality.

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Dear Mr. Hadjibagheri,

Thank you for your letter dated 12 September 2011, in response to our programme ‘Homosexuality, adventitious or genetical?’ recently broadcast on BBC Persian.

We always appreciate feedback from our audiences because it helps us to enrich the Pargar debate and improve future programming.  In response to your comments, the objective of this programme was to listen to the arguments of the parties we interviewed and to challenge the opinions of experts, and we are satisfied that this was achieved.    In Pargar format it is mainly the function of panel 2 members to ask questions and challenge the experts’ arguments in the debate.  We took great care in chosing experts who could enrich the content of this programme, whilst also giving a balanced view of the realities of being homosexual or transgender in Iran.   We feel that it is important that journalists continue to challenge the research of academics and experts, and how laws are applied in various states, so that our audiences can see whether they are a clear representation of the realities of life.

In response to your criticism that this programme should have been given an age limit, we are also confident that the language used in the debate did not contain any strong langugage that was inappropriate for a time limit on this programme.

We would also like you to know that this was the first programme on BBC Persian to deal with homosexual or transgender issues in this format, and that this programme was widely welcomed by our audiences.  In fact, we have found that no other debate on Pargar has attracted as much lively debate on our Facebook page, and we have received many thanks for raising an issue that is currently taboo in Iran.

We welcome your feedback in the future.

Kind Regards

BBC Persian
BBC World Service