Text of my 30/August/2011 Speech on LGBT Rights

by xenatisch

This is the speech I’m going to give in Sheffield on 30th of August 2011, on the occasion of the premier of an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual) Documentary film about the Life of the African Homosexuals. I have been invited to give this speech as an LGBT Rights activist.

I would like to hereby thank my very dear friend, Ali, who kindly and enthusiastically did me a favour and wrote this speech in Persian. Ali is a writer as well as an LGBT Rights activist.

I intend post the Persian version of the speech in the future, too.


Written by: Ali J.U.N

Translated from Persian by: Pouria Hadjibagheri


No one knows me. I heard the whispers of the night, who was saying that the sun had asked the spirit of wisdom: “Who is it?” Responded the spirit of wisdom, after a short silence: A light greater than light! The one who enlightened the sun by coming over, a light that didn’t left out the moon, too. Extended the meaning of paradise on earth in a way that symbolised the beauty of the paradise of heavens, the one known by the angels.

I am a homosexual man!

Freedom, is the backbone of the bond we are passing to our next generations. The bond of the route we have passed through, a route that was worth it.

I seek for freedom.

I admire freedom; because it is being admired by those who weren’t wanted by anyone themselves, while claiming freedom for everyone! Those who existed without having someone to back them up. Those who were looking for cures for their scars, without a having a balm that had been provided to them by others. Those who were composing their love without having words that were of meanings to the others, those who were… suffering! Those who are suffering without having others noticing that they are trying to set free a world that does not include them. I admire freedom, because they queers seek for it.

Freedom creates the future, and the futures will include the queers. The future always includes the knowledgeable. Those who look into themselves to find out “Why have I become like this?”. The futures belongs to those who look in the past to find out who has been like them, and look into present to find out who is like them now, and look into future, that we want to be a part of the future, too. We, the homosexuals, are always standing on a bridge. A bridge that’s entitled “Self-Inquiry”. A question that those great names like Rumi have reached for its answers: “Where have I come from, what for? Where am I going to? Oh reveal my land.”

Now, standing upon ‘our’ feet, we are willing to construct a river to connect ourselves to our self. In a boisterous, tall future, the one who knows where has he been standing throughout the history, the one who knows that he doesn’t exists, but he must, the one who knows that he must build the future with his own hands, and for that he must build himself, first; the one who not only knows, but pushes himself forward! how could one say that in the future, he shan’t be standing tall?

The one who asks from deep himself, with all his being: “Who on earth am I?”. If he does not deserve to hold the flag of victory, then what does he deserve? Those whose identities are tied with their proofs of existence, and their existence is fastened to the love they claim for everyone!

And others, the spirit of wisdom pictured as such: those who praise their idiocy, in a way that the knowledgeable praise their knowledge. Those who demand for a dreadful suffering house that has been painted by the shining blood of those hung from gallows and seek for freedom by calumniating the homosexuals.

This is by far more difficult than witchery. Witchery can be beaten by the lynx eyes of science. Though, calumniation has not even been beaten by the peacemakers of the history. And how many are there that have been subject to calumniation throughout their lives. Though, from the craze of reaching for freedom, they never polluted their hearts with hatred. They are now looking for your headlines, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, by the way, what’s up about “freedom”?

Do you know of the scars that getting rid of them is a never-ending hope for us?

Oh, by the way, have you any idea of the sour, intense look of a mother who humiliates him for not being like other children, for being a “homosexual”?

Do you know of someone who, neither in the streets and lanes of a city, nor in the maze of the foliated books, nor in the long trend of the history, can he find a single song of what is shouting deep inside him?

Do you know of the pain of “I love you” phrases that exist, but not noticed? When you cannot describe them because they don’t know and they don’t understand, because they don’t see!

Do you have any idea that when the verification and endorsement of a teenager’s parents about his emotional identity is not alongside him, how much his humanity is killed within the moments of his youth?

Did you know of the tears of the children who have come from beyond the lines of history, but they have no idea who they actually are? and there is no one to tell them, that, hey, you are not limited to your sexuality!

Did you know, that even YOU don’t know!

Because you have never seen it, you have never suffered from all those pains, and you expect to hear and accept that: indeed, those who see the gallows tied with their existence and destiny, actually do suffer.

Are you aware of the life that’s been spent in loneliness and silence, without any confabulation and sympathy of the coevals? Of the years spent inside praying-circles hoping for a cure? The frequently asked question of “Why has god created me like this?”. A life that was worth the same as the life that “YOU” have spent, and will be spending, within which you’ve never doubted upon that most basic joy of humanity, love!

Have you ever been informed of the “religious beliefs”, those that probably make no difference in your very lives, are the most sensitive and innermost beliefs of the people whose cultures are tied with religions. The beliefs through which they marry, the give birth, they name their children, and they spend their entire lives with! These are the beliefs that also exist deep within the homosexuals rising from those cultures, too. Outside, he is considered as a damned inferno; and inside, is where he cannot believe that “Yes, I also have the right to live…”.

I am talking about getting rid of a pain that you, ladies and gentlemen, never realise or perceive. The pain of not being noticed, neither at the extensive trend of humanity as a human being, nor at the mirror of the society as a member, nor at the eyes of the a pair of lovely parents, who are being loved even by the poems and the sonnets; as sons and daughters, who deserve to be loved as they are.

We seek freedom within the mirror of time, in getting and get involved in creating better days, within which we share the same wish as you do!

Support us, hence if the homosexuals are unable to reveal the value of their state of humanity, if they are being shredded and neglected within the taboos tied with their sexuality; they become able to breathe the air of freedom, and within their remaining breaths, reveal themselves within the values of humanity, throughout which they leave their heritage for the future generations, perhaps its rainbow brings in “an identity” for those sharing the same pain.