Sleep well, little angel…

by xenatisch

This morning, I received a link from one of my colleagues in “Save Nima” campaign.

I failed, and I had never failed like this before, ever in my life.

HRANA News Agency : “On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, Mohammad Pooya who was a victim of child abuse succumbed to his wounds and died in Tehran’s Bahrami Hospital.

According to a report by Jame Jam Newspaper, Mohammad Pooya’s family took him to the hospital claiming that their four year old son became unconscious after using crack cocaine.Hospital staff began their efforts to save Mohammad’s life right away until it became known that this child was the same victim who was brought to the hospital in mid March. During that visit, the family also claimed that their son had used crack cocaine, and after a few days at the hospital, Mohammad was released to his family’s custody by court order.

This time, however, the parents were arrested and interrogated to determine the facts. During the questioning, Mohammad’s parents blamed each other for the accident until his mother told the authorities that her husband was a drug addict who force-fed Mohammad crack cocaine in order to calm him down before the father could use drugs with his friends.

Because of the statements made by Mohammad’s mother, both parents were locked up behind bars, and Mohammad’s body was transferred to the coroner’s office for further investigations.

Since last month, Mohammad Pooya is the third victim of child abuse who has died. Two other children, Barbad and Parsa, died earlier.

I would like to thank my great colleagues in this campaign:
Anette Meyer
Lina Werme
Josefine Sjoqvist
Bahman Moradian Pey
Members of Amnesty International in Sheffield, UK.
Human Rights activists in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the US, India, Turkey and Iran.
May your rest in peace, little angel. At least you won’t suffer anymore…
We failed, but this is not the end… We shall carry on!
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