President Obama’s advisor fails

by xenatisch

President Obama failed to follow the Royal protocols of the British monarch in several occasions during his visit to Buckingham Palace. This is while his wife failed to do so during their last visit to the UK.

It is to be considered that if such a mistake happens once, it is the advisor’s fault. But if happens again, then it would lead one to the conclusion that it is the president’s fault for keeping taking advice from that particular advisor in a particular matter.

During the visit to the UK last time, Michelle Obama, the American first lady, put her hand arounds around Her Majesty the Queen, this is against the British Royal protocol. One must never touch a member of the Royal Family. This protocol applies to the handshakes as well. Unless one is offered a handshake by a member of the Royal Family, one mustn’t attempt to offer a hand.

This year, on the other hand, President Obama himself failed to follow the protocols.

  • When the orchestra started to play the British National Anthem (God Save the Queen), President Obama continued his speech. Whether he was finished with his speech or not, he mustn’t have spoken while the anthem was being played.
  • President Obama raised his glass before Her Majesty the Queen. It matters not whether the toast speech has been given by Her Majesty, or by the guest to Her Majesty’s life; it is Her Majesty the Queen who raises the glass first. Doing otherwise may be considered as a disrespect to the Royal Family. It is to be noticed that when President Obama raised the glass, the Queen turned towards him, stared at him surprisingly, and then turned back towards the table, and grabbed her glass. Thereafter, the guests, who were mostly British, attempted to raise glasses.
A part of the British Royal protocol:
  • One must never raise a glass of drink before Her Majesty the Queen
  • One must never speak while the orchestra is playing
  • One must remain silent whenever the anthem “God Save the Queen” is being performed. Also, everyone must stand up and no one is to raise a glass to one’s health.
  • Never touch Her Majesty the Queen, or any other member of the British Royal Family.
  • It is always Her Majesty the Queen who raises a glass, and the rest of the guests drink wine to her health. However, Her Majesty drinks not from the glass, and puts it back on the table.
  • While having a tea with the Royal Family, one must only raise the teacup to drink, not the cup and saucer, and to return the cup to the sauce after each sip.