These do, those react, we get the result: Western force and Iranian speech

by xenatisch

I should have written about this a couple of days earlier, for which I apologise. My excuse is that I have been extremely busy studying as well as doing some voluntary jobs. Having said that, let’s move onto the main subject.

I was watching (actually listening to) the BBC News when Nicolas Sarkozy, French President, declared war with the Libyan government in order to enforce the United Nations’ Security Council no fly zone order. He indicated that the French jets are on their ways to Libya as I speak to you. And that the British Royal Airforce, the Canadian Airforce and the US Airforce shall join us later. He didn’t particularly speak of any other means of defence or attack, but it was made clear that they are going to use anything within their power to just do it. As observed, the British and American navies later joined them.

I strongly support this action. I believe that the war with Iraq was unnecessary (let’s don’t call it a lie to the world). I believe that Taliban is not as powerful as it seems to the world. Not to NATO! I don’t believe in the war between Israel and Palestine, it’s becoming more stupid on a daily basis, and so on and so forth. But I strongly support this one with Libya.


This guy, Gaddafi, was crossing the lines. Killing innocent people of the country governed by him, on that scale, was seriously unacceptable. Not to mention his blackmails to other countries. Not to mention his efforts towards saving Saddam Hussain. Not to mention his involvements with the events in Palestine. I believe this action had to be taken years ago, when the Scottish aeroplane was attacked by that terrorist, under his order, which resulted in hundreds of innocent people getting killed.Okay, it may be of some benefits to the west to take control of Libya as well, but let’s be honest, it is so much of the benefit of the Libyans themselves as well. It may be classified as a modern style of the colonisation plans, but still, it is good. These people need support to get rid of this freaking dictator after 43 years of his so-called presidency. It has been proven that he will do just about anything in his power to remain in power.

Now that for once NATO has made the right decision, the Iranian media has started its lies. Just a few hours after the declaration was made by President Sarkozy, the Iranian official news agency, Press TV, announced: The western aircrafts started firing over innocent people and the cities in Libya.

I’m just wondering how much lie are they going to tell people.

Do they fear that this may happen to them sometime soon? Or are the just pursuing their old denial policy?

I will write further about the “Failure of the Iranian Government in their Media Monopolisation Plan” later in the blog. Keep on reading then!

Thank you for your time.