Denial: A sign for strength or weakness?

by xenatisch



Iranian selected president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated in his recent interview with TVE, the Spanish State Television, that: “Never, never. We have never done that. During the past 30 years we have had 30 free elections” he said, when asked about Iran, Ahmadinejad denied any repression against opposition at home.

Citation: CNN [Click Here]

Indicating that the Iranian regime has never done anything against the people. The actions have merely been taken against those who were acting roughly, or the public properties.

Accordingly, I would like to share some photographs taken during various protests which took place after the last presidential election in Iran.

This was taken in a hospital in Iran. The mother was shot by a machine gun, the hospital staff were told not to release any information regarding the incident,  however, a personal friend of mine who used to work in that hospital at the of this incident, sent the photograph to me asking me to release it anonymously.  Advise me of the reasons why the incident took place, in accordance with the president’s statement.

Neda Agha-Soltan

Whose dying image later became the symbol of protests in Iran. She was a PhD student going back home, she wasn’t even attending the protest.
Advise me what are these people doing except protesting peacefully that entitles them to be beaten by the guard?
What is this man doing to deserve that? Protesting? Is this a new definition of human rights? Is he damaging the public properties? Is he being rough?


These were only a few examples out of millions of images available showing the same pictures of the clashes.

How much lies would these so called politicians tell? How much do they think they can fool the people? It’s over. I has been for a long time. Iran is like an explosive which has its detonator released. It’s only the matter of time until the explosion.