These do, those react, we get the result: Protests – Price of Power, of lie?

by xenatisch

Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom, stated yesterday in his conference for the Liberal-Democrat party members in Sheffield City Hall that “Protests are price of power”. This happened while thousands of people were shouting outside the city hall demanding their own rights, standing against the lies they have been, well, fooled by.

Not only that the Liberal-Democrat got into coalition with the Conservatives merely for the sake of power, they have even started acting against their very own manifest. Almost whatever that the Liberal-Democrats were promising the public before the election has gone with the wind unless it has been of the very own benefit of their party, such as the electoral issues and so forth.

Clegg indicated to the attendees of the conference in Sheffield City Hall: “with power comes protest” and that they should “just get used to it”

I have one question for you, Nick, and only one: Since I’m not sure whether it is the power that causes the protests of such a nature, or is it the lies that you said to the people that resulted in this mess? Even your very own supporters, those who voted for you, were among those people standing outside the city hall shouting. They weren’t in fact among them, they were running it…

What is said by the leader of the Liberal-Democrat party, which I used to support as well, reminds me of what Secretary of State, William Hague, said just couple of days ago:

Foreign Secretary William Hague has rejected claims he might resign over his handling of the Libyan crisis and denied he has lost his “mojo”.

He told the Sunday Telegraph he had wide support in his party and people should “get used” to the idea.

Right, problems solved. People are just to get used to the stuff happening around them and leave the politicians alone. Since they are always doing the right thing, making the right decision, going towards the right path, and taking the right action. So just get used to it if you haven’t yet. You have no right to stand against it, cause you are wrong, always wrong.

The most significant difference that is observed between the government of the so called advanced western countries with some of the middle eastern dictatorships is that, they just use words instead of guns! They call up 300 vans of police from West Yorkshire and Manchester to support them. The police will stand quite for as long as you stand still. But the moment you stat doing a bit of action, you will so hardly be hit by them. They waste this money of such a security force while the fire 10,000 police officers to cover the debts and do their cuts!

So just get used to it. Cameron is the prime minister, Clegg is his deputy, and you are getting fired soon, if you haven’t yet.