Nick Clegg: Shame on you for turning blue…

by xenatisch

People of Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and other cities of South Yorkshire had been shouting earlier today defending their rights. A demonstration, consisting some 5000 protesters, took place today during the Liberal-Democrat conference in the City Hall of Sheffield .

Nick Clegg, Nick Clegg, shame on you for turning blue, shame on you, shame on you…

We are the lib-dem haters…

You say cut-back, we will fight back…

Unemployment and losses are not caused by the immigration…

And one of the most important one of them: One solution, Revolution!

These were among the main slogans and banners that one could have observed in today in Sheffield. People were shouting: Nick Clegg, we voted Lib-Dem, not the f***ing Conservative. We voted it, give our votes back.

Among the protesters, there were people from different ethics and occupations with the same will: The government must be stopped. University and school students, NHS and Post Office workers, teachers, bus drivers, even community officers!

There is nothing in common if the manifest of the Liberal-Democrats is compared to the manifest of the Conservatives. Yet, for the sake of power, Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal-Democrats got into a coalition with the tories which resulted in them going against their very own manifest.

His argument about it was, we said we will do these if we get elected. We didn’t get elected, and this is a hung parliament. It doesn’t by any means make sense to anyone. Given you didn’t get elected, it may be a reason for not doing everything in your manifest, but it certainly is no reason to do otherwise.

People were shouting: Do you wanna know why did Nick Clegg cross the street? Because he said he wouldn’t!

He assured the public that they are not going to vote for the lib-dems again within the next, maybe, 10 – 15 years!

I observed several clashes between the protesters and police, out of which the most important one happened to a young lad trying to cross the fence.

The police was so violent towards him in which case he was beaten, laid on the ground and carried outside the scene by several officers.

Despite his resistance, the police shouldn’t have acted so violently, much less did they have the permission to do so.