Those who sell their destiny to orange juice…

by xenatisch

You my as well be quite wondering about the title of this post. I do too!

Among those who the Iranian government claim to be their supporters, and those who demonstrate against the reformists in so called uprising events, but in reality invited ones,  are considerable amount of people who go there no because the support the lunatic and populist government, but because they are looking for the goods distributed among the attendees

in those gatherings.

These groups of people, apparently, have been given a name by the Iranian society, in order to have them distinguished from the main body of the society, but also from the main body of the supported of the government, whose number is limit

ed. The name given to them is “Sandis khorhaa”, which can be translated to English as “the Juice-Drinkers”. Well, as it’s well

understood form the name, it is referring to those who attend gatherings in favour of the the government in order to receive “fruit juice”, or of course, other goods, or in some cases even cash.


There is another group of people attending the demonstrations for the government, the staff of the organisations controlled by the government, such as the staff of the ministries, national petroleum, customs, profited insurance companies and banks, broadcasting organisations (which is fully controlled by the government in Iran), the list goes on and on…

It is a shame to see that, in the 21st century, there are still people even in major cities in the world, such as Tehran, who would sell their destinies to goods, fruit juices and small amounts of money… While their fellow countrymen are getting killed in front of bullets standing in front dictatorship, standing for peace, for freedom…



Wikipedia article on the same subject in Persian.

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