News Review: Arrested or Not Arrested, That is the question!

by xenatisch

Apparently, the leaders of the oppositions in Iran have been arrested, or it has been reported so.

However, this is said when:

Ramin Mehmanparast, Speaker of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated on the 1st of March 2011: “The matters
regarding individuals in or country are considered legally through the judicial authorities…
” He then classified the detention of the leaders of oppositions as an internal issue.  [Citation: BBC World Services – Persian]


Dr Ali-Akbar Salehi, Iranian minister of Foreign Affairs and former Head of Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, stated in response to the American Secretary of State in Geneva: “Civil movements have two categories: [one is] The movements that are led by the others in which the attendees in them are limited and exist in all countries.” He further continued “The innermost civil movements must be separated from those led by the foreign powers.” [Citation: BBC World Services – Persian]

He mentioned anxiously later in his interview with EuroNews in Geneva in response to the question concerning the leaders of the oppositions: “They are in their homes.  As I said, every country enjoys its own rules and regulations.  There is the rule of law.  Even in European countries people are prevented from going against the rule of law. Nobody can take the law into their own hand“. He later mentions “I have no information about that [whether the leaders are arrested or not]. To the best of my knowledge, they are at their homes.  They are always moving from one place to another. They are free to visit their families. They may have made their own decision to move.” [Citation: EuroNews]


This is while the daughters of Mir Hosein Mousavi, one of the leaders of the oppositions, have issued an statement indicating that their father and mother has been detained, he is not in his house and they are not allowed to see them.

One of the sons of Mehdi Karoubi, the other leader of the oppositions, has indicated in the website of the oppositions that his father, too, has been detained and the have not seen him since Thursday, nor are they allowed to enter the house, he confirmed that their house is now empty while all the windows are broken.


How afraid can a regime be not to even confirm the detention of the leader of their oppositions.

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