Facebook Fear Syndrome (FBFS): The most recent discovery?

by xenatisch

It seems that some of the leaders around the word, particularly the ones dedicated to dictatorship, are showing the mutual signs of a symptom. The symptom is, on the other hand, unknown to the world of medical science, however, very well known to the world of politics.

All right, enough jokes, let’s get real:

Following the ongoing revolutionary movements in the Middle East and North Africa, and the comments given upon the role which was played by the social networking service, such as (and particularly by) Facebook®, in these movements, I invited you to read some of the following news, all cited to agency:

  • Rabani: Do not let the Facebookers to take control. Borhanodin Rabbani, former Afghan president and current member of the Afghan Peace Council determined that if the religious clerics become do not play a leading role inside the society, the control and the leadership shall be reached by the youths of Facebook and the internet. [Citation: BBC World Service – Persian – Translated to English by Pouria Hadjibagheri: xenatisch.com]
  • Social Media and protests in Yemen: Social media played an important role in galvanising anti-government protests in Tunisia and Egypt. There is some evidence that Facebook is also gaining traction in Yemen, but the number of users is still very low and seems to be largely confined to the universities. [Citation: BBC College of Journalism Blog – Steve Metcalf]
  • Did Facebook Bring Down Mubarak? As we watch, transfixed by the sights and sounds of jubilation in the streets of Egypt, the question on many people’s minds is: How did this happen? But a far better way to ask that question is: Who organized this, and how? [Citation: CNN Opinion]
  • Tehran Blocks Access to Facebook: Iran has blocked access to social networking site Facebook ahead of June’s presidential elections, Iran’s Ilna news agency and web users say. Ilna says the move is aimed at stopping supporters of reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi from using the site for his campaign. Facebook, which says it has 175m users worldwide, expressed its disappointment over the reported ban. So far there has been no comment from the Tehran authorities. [Citation: BBC News – Middle East Section]
  • JEDDAH: A Saudi official denied on Monday that the Kingdom had offered to give SR562.5 billion ($150 billion) to purchase Facebook: The official, who requested anonymity, said the Kingdom had not made any offer to Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the famous social media. “The report is totally baseless,” the official told the German news agency, DPA. [Citation: Arab News]

The list goes on and on. I only wonder how is it that none of these people want to realise that this is no more the stone age, it is the 21st century, the age of communication. Buy, blocking, denying, condemning, and so on won’t work… Never again! You cannot stop the news to travel. You cannot stop the communications, however you ban them, however you block them, you only make people more powerful. Governments are unable to stand if front of their people, not anymore. You cannot swim against the current, if you do, you won’t last long…