US Secretary of State condemns Iran’s show on supporting democracy

by xenatisch

United States Secretary of State condemns Iranian government on its constant human right abuse at the Human Right Council of the United Nation in Geneva, Switzerland.

Transcribtion of the above video:

Success of peaceful protest has discredited the extremists and exposed their bankrupt arguments.

Iran for example, has consistently pursued policies of violent abroad and tyranny at home and Tehran security forces have beaten, detained and in several recent cases killed peaceful protester even as Iran’s president has made a show of denouncing the violence in Libya.

Iranian authorities have targeted human right defenders, and political activists ex-governments officials and their families, clerics and their children, students leaders and their professors, as well as journalist and bloggers.

Last week the United States imposed new sanctions of iranian officials for serious human rights abuses.

Here, at the human right council, we are proud to be working with Sweden and other partners to establish an special rapporteur on iran. Its mandate would to investigate and report on abuses in iran and to speak out when the government there does not meet its human rights obligations.

Iranian human rights advocates have demanded this step to raise international pressure on their government.

This will be a seminal moment for this council. and a test of our ability to work together to advance the goal that it represents.

Indeed every member of this council should ask him or herself a simple question: why do people have the right to live free from fear in Tripoli, but not Tehran.

The denial of human dignity in iran is an outrage that deserves the condemnation of all who speak out for freedom and justice.

Transcribed by Pouria Hadjibagheri: