Oscar is of more importance than Libya, Iran or Bahrain!

by xenatisch

While chilling about reading my night news, I ended up on the BBC UK Homepage! While I was through reading the headlines, I realised there is no headline dedicated to what’s going on in Libya, in Iran, in Bahrain, in Oman or other countries of that area, or the middle east!

Considering that all the homepages have had a dedicated headline to the news in the middle east, so, what I saw to night, made me have this feeling that the Academy Award, aka Oscar, is of more importance than the news that in actually affecting the world. I have nothing against the Academy Award, in fact, I’m a big fan as well, however, I believe that this is really unacceptable to have removed all the headlines focusing on a particular news that is practically of less importance to the news readers.

I guess this can be considered as a criticism against the BBC.


Click on the photo to enlarged. Captured from the BBC UK Homepage at 22:15 GMT