These do, those react, we get the result… Unproven Theory of Starred Students

by xenatisch

Starred Students: If you are looking for an exact and coherent definition for this work, I would recommend the website of International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, click here to read the relevant article. Though, if you are not really up for reading such a big article, and if I summarise the definition to it, it would come as follows:

An Starred Student is a student whose right for studying in higher education has been revoked in Iran (either for a limited, or unlimited amount of time). The reason for this action is merely political and is mostly caused by the political or urban activities against the regime. The government of Iran constantly declines the fact that such a thing exist, however, the number of such students tends to increase regularly. It has also risen issues within different Human Rights defendants such as the UN, Human Right Watch, and so on.

Let’s get to the main topic:

THESE DO: The lunatic fascist regime of Iran tends to show off in the world. It also denies the issues of human right. The seem to be very upset about the Libyan leader, Gaddafi, killing his own people standing in front of the protesters. They seemed quite condemning towards the former Egyptian president, Mubarak, when he was still in power against the wish of the citizens. On the hand, they seem to be doing exactly the same to their own citizens thinking because they have expelled the foreign journalists from the country, no one in the world would get to know what’s going on in Iran. They very well seem to have forgotten that it is the 21st century.

THOSE REACT: Oppositions seem to be constantly standing against the government of Iran, through protests, demonstrations, media (mostly foreign or the internet) and so on. It was only last week that one of the students of Shiraz University, Hamed Nourmohammadi, was killed by the government agents during the demonstrations in and around the university. In Iran, the day of burial, and the 3rd, 7th and 40th days following the burial are considered as special days after someone’s death, so they tend to remember the person, gather together, have some meal and talk about the person while praying for them (in religious families). In the case of this youth, Hamed Nourmohammad, the 3rd days was announced in the university as a day for another demonstration in order to value his death remembering that his death wasn’t in vein.

WE GET THE RESULT: As a result of the demonstration, 200 students of Shiraz University were arrested [citation in Persian: click here], they were not tried  trialled, however, they were sentenced to the following prosecution: Marked as Starred Students for between 2 semesters to lifetime.

This is because there is no such a thing as an Starred Student in Iran… The story of a country in which the name “Starred Student” was first coined but its existence has constantly been denied.

We are no more living in the stone age, this is the 21st century, realise it…