Iranian President: Libyan Sympathies, Gaddafi’s Condemnations, Killing Iranian

by xenatisch

I’ll just take it off my mind. It is a must-write-about thing for me!

I was doing my night surf into the news to night that I saw a news. The news is as follows:

The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned Libyan government for attacking the protesters and sympathised with the people indicating: “It is so wrong to do this. I was unbelievable, what we saw and heard happening against the protesters in Libya. They must be stopped. Government must listen to their people, otherwise we all know what might happen to them.

You so gotta be kidding me! This guy is such a freaking clown for goodness sakes. Either I’m unable to like  “digest” what he says and does, or he really is outta his mind. I mean, how can you do such a thing? How can you beat your own people up, kill ’em in the streets while protesting, arrest them, rape them, torture them and just condemn exactly the same stuff while done in another country, funnier, in a country that has always had a good relationship with you, at least so show the evidences, treaties and agreements between the two of you.

This Iranian fascist government is real a lunatic. They really seem to think that they are governing in the 19th century when news and stuff used to travel once a month or so. They really seem to be taking advantage of the peaceful movements going on against them. I personally don’t support aggressive behaviours, but these people are some such real fascists, racist, populist, and by the heart of the meaning on its tradition perspective, terrorist!

They must be stopped, however possible!

I refer you to the following book for further information about how to stand against such governments: Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice, 21st Century Potential by Gene Sharp.

Check it out and speak out about it!