These do, those react, we get the result: Realise you live in the 21st century

by xenatisch

Residents tackle East End “gay free zone” stickers

These do:

“It is no bigger than a postcard but appears to spread a message of hatred and division in an area of east London that many residents pride for its diversity. Reprinted and glued to dozens of lampposts and railings in the area, a flyer states: “Arise and warn. Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment.” It has been discovered near to Shoreditch’s gay pubs and outside a school in Whitechapel, both in Tower Hamlets, east London. But a group of East End residents say they have had enough.” – BBC: 22 February 2011 Last updated at 17:42 GMT

Those react:

“Actor Matthew Blake 27, described the “gay free zone” message on the stickers as “a bullying tactic”. A few individuals think they have the right to tell everyone how they should and shouldn’t feel, and where they are and aren’t allowed to go. It affects everyone and creates unease in the area and that’s not what east London’s about. The area is a multicultural, multi-sexuality place, where you can be who you are and believe in what you want. It’s a shame this has sullied that.” – BBC: 22 February 2011 Last updated at 17:42 GMT


It’s funny to see how some people cannot manage to adapt themselves and their life styles to their current ones. The do not realise that people are free to live the way the choose to unless it affects other people’s lives in a negative way. If something is mentioned in Islam, Christianity or any other religion or ideology, and if you are a follower, keep on following your ideology and leave others’ alone. And the police doesn’t seem to react in a way that it reacts against the student protesters demonstrating against the increase of their tuition fees, or in a way that it reacts towards demonstrations in the streets of London.

I, personally, as a human, as a residence of the UK, as a person, as a gay, as an atheist, as a student, and as journalist, strongly condemn this action against a part of the community I belong to and thereby request investigation and prosecution for it.

Sir Paul Stephenson, and Prime Minister Cameron, it is indeed your duty to provide a safe environment for the residences, and their residents. If you are not capable of it, resign.