Cutting off the internet: Bad for Egypt, Good for Iran!

by xenatisch

I was just reading this article which is in Persian and the news in it sounded so ridiculous of the Iranian government. I’m really wondering how come they cannot act in one way for just one month.

The overall idea of the article is:

The Iranian Telecom has announced that the accept the fact of cutting off the internet at times under the request of the government for some political and security reasons. Mr Khojastenia, from the Iranian Telecom, indicated: “However, the technical and break downs within the systems are by far a greater problem than the political and security reasons”, he added “It is also normal to experience problems while there is an incident that interests the press.”

Man, these people are a lot of fun! It was like 2 weeks ago that they were strongly condemning the Egyptian government for cutting off the internet during the protests and demonstrations in Egypt…

How dare they stand in front of media saying these things, I just wonder!