Wikileaks: Liberalism, or Anarchism?

by xenatisch

Right, I just cannot manage to remain silent of this subject for some reason, just so you know!

You may as well be against me, for which I’m perfectly willing to open a discussion.

What is the philosophy behind Wikileaks? They claim that they believe everyone in the world has the right to know of or about anything going on around them.

I disagree! Why?

1. Not everyone is of the same level of knowledge.

2. Not everyone knows how to threat a classified knowledge.

3. Not everyone needs to know everything about what they seem to utilise or face.

How is that?

Well, imagine, you are now using your computer, how much do you know about it? How much do you need to know about it? Imagine everyone knew everything that I know about computers, well, the result would have been you paying 10 times as much for an antivirus or security protection software since you wouldn’t have been able to use your computer without having one!

Observe it from a universal perspective. Not everyone needs to know about the details! Because they simply cannot handle it. They don’t have the knowledge and commitment, thus the information may just as well be misused!

On the other hand, I believe that some of the information we are talking about, if not all of it, must be available to the experts such as the university professors, educational institutions and so on, only as much as possible.

Wikileaks Lies

Yes, you read it right. Wikilaeks lies! Why? Because if their belief was to provide people with what they claim, then they shouldn’t have offered the information beholders and issuers to check them out and separate the ones they believe are not to be published. This is stupid. This is self censorship. You are censoring what you personally believe needs to be revealed.


Revealing classified information results in the involvement of the society with politics. On the other hand, politic is a specialised area of science. You need to be properly educated in it to safely handle and use the information you are given and take benefit out of it.

If I say I’d give you 10 grams of centrifuged (concentrated) uranium, you wouldn’t want it, you wouldn’t touch it, in fact you wouldn’t even look at it. But if I tell you that I’m gonna give you a bunch of classified information from the CIA, MI-6 or so on, you would accept it, willingly read it, and excitingly share it with your friends regardless to the issue you may be causing, you don’t even think about the future of it!

You know why? because uranium will kill you, but information will kill others. We have forgotten to value other’s lives…