These do, those react… we get the result! Lie is not countable: Whose Martyr?

by xenatisch

It’s so bloody funny, someone has been killed, and both sides of the fight are claiming that the guy had been one of their supporters.

Sanea Jaleh was killed during the 14th of February protests in Iran. His death was immediately condemned by the Iranian government naming him one of the Iranian Basij army members while releasing a photograph of him showing him standing next to Grand Ayatollah Montazeri (who passed away early 2010). In the evening of the same day, Kayhan Newspaper, one of the supporters of the regime claimed that Mr Jaleh was acting as their reporter in that photograph.

At the same time, the oppositions, aka the Green Movement, and its leaders claim he was one of them, and condemn the government for changing the fact.

Funeral of Mr Jaleh was attended by both the supporters and the oppositions of the regime which thereafter resulted in a clash between them.

In the evening of the funeral day (i.e. just a few hours ago), Mr Jaleh’s brother claimed that he was not a member of Basij and the membership card was not genuine and was issue following his death, and that him and his family have been supporting the oppositions within the demonstrations, but the have been told to remain silent by the agents of the government.

A few hours later, Mr Jaleh’s brother was arrested by the agents of the government.

Why do the governments think? It is not like 50 years ago, you know? Communications cannot be stopped, even if you filter my blog, even if you arrest someone, even if you kill someone! For how long do you think you can go on like this? It’s just the matter of aligning the different pieces of a puzzle, you are already the loser, I tell ya. Stop the crap!

Cartoon From: Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English: The Middle East)

Translation from Arabic {Green surface: Face of change in Iran – Brown surface: Face of change in Egypt}