These do, those react, we get the result… Story of the Iranian populism!

by xenatisch

These do:

“Fresh clashes have erupted in Tehran during the funeral of a student killed in anti-government protests on Monday, Iranian state television says. Rival groups of pro- and anti-government protesters both claim the dead man as one of their supporters. Sanea Jaleh, 26, was among two people killed during Monday’s protests, when thousands of opposition members rallied for the first time in more than a year.” – BBC: 16 February 2011 Last updated at 13:35 GMT


Those react:

“Following the deadly clashes, Iranian MPs called for the two opposition leaders to be tried and executed. But Mr Karroubi and Mr Mousavi – who are both being held under de facto house arrest – issued defiant statements via their websites on Wednesday.” – BBC: 16 February 2011 Last updated at 13:35 GMT


The result:

Mohsen Asgari – BBC News, Tehran: There were heavy traffic jams in central Tehran when the funeral ceremony started. Police had blocked the streets to traffic near Tehran University, and only those on foot could get in – but not everyone. Hundreds of plain-clothes members of the paramilitary Basij force were checking the identity cards of anyone suspicious. Despite their civilian clothing, the occasional crackle of their walkie-talkies, hidden under overcoats, gave them away. Thankfully, I wasn’t stopped due to my bearded face and greying hair. Inside, some of the protesters were chanting: “BBC’s Mousavi is an English spy”.-BBC: 16 February 2011 Last updated at 13:35 GMT


Opinionisation: (Does the word even exist? No, well, I just coined it then!)

What difference has it made to the Iranian Barbaric government? Right, so Mousavi and Karoubi are to be executed? Why do the governments thing that people are so stupid? Populism!

Just so you know, or in case you have forgotten, let’s just review who Mehdi Karoubi and Mir Hosein Mousavi were:

Mir Hosein Mousavi:

– Prime Minister of Iran (the Islamic Republic government): 31 October 1981 – 3 August 1989

– Minister of Foreign Affairs (the Islamic Republic government): 15 August 1981 – 15 December 1981

Mehdi Karoubi:

– Chairman of the Iranian Parliament (the Islamic Republic government): 3 August 1989 – 3 May 1992 |AND| 3 May 2000 – 3 May 2004

– Secretary-General of National Trust Party (the Islamic Republic government): 5 August 2005 – Now

– Secretary-General of Association of Combatant Clerics (the Islamic Republic government): 16 March 1988 – 20 June 2005


Ay, now let’s review what we just read in the BBC about these two, or was I mistaken? Are they British-American spies? How come you have just managed to understand this very fact?

The Iranian society is like an explosive whose detonator has been taken off, the explosion will happen anyway, it’s just the matter of time! You don’t wanna see that, I tell you Ahmedinejad, I tell ya Khamenei…

Not that Mousavi and Karoubi are so different, no, but they have at least given promises to the people that makes them better. Otherwise, it’s just the matter of choosing between the bad and the worst!