Which is to believe… Explaining the new theory of Democracy

by xenatisch

Which one is to be believed, indeed?

It was only last week, or maybe the week before, that our beloved Iranian government condemned former president Hosni Mubarak’s administration for cutting off the internet and mobile networks in order to control the uprising demonstrations indicating that the people there are looking for democracy and it is the right of the citizens to choose for their future. Now, hold it right here.

It was only a couple of days or so after that they somehow magically tried to connect the Egyptian demonstrations to Islam by involving the Muslim Brotherhoods within the demonstrations, which was later denied by the Muslim Brotherhoods stating that the ongoing situation and the revolution in Egypt is NOT an Islamic revolution and that they are not willing to take control of the government or even the majority of the parliament. Now add this up to the above-mentioned one.

Just couple of days after, the Iranian head of Islamic Military (Sepah) said: The Egyptian government was trying to copy the Iranian Basij, known as “Lebas  Shakhsi Haa”, or literally “Personally Clothed Ones”, or the under cover agents. In case you don’t know them, they were those who fired guns towards the Iranian people during the demonstration against 2009 presidential election, in other words, they are those who would die for the current regime!

Today, February the 14th, there are  indeed growing demonstrations going on in different cities in Iran, such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and so on. It is good to know that since last night, the text messaging in Iran has been interrupted, internet connections slowed down, police and military agents are everywhere in the streets, two of the most important websites against the government have stopped working (Kalame.com and Balatarin.com), shots have been fired and people have got beaten, and that is so far as I’m writing this.

You know what, it’s just quite entertaining to see this. A government condemns another for standing against the demonstrations in its country peacefully while it is beating and shooting down the demonstrators in its very own country. How dare do they make some such speeches.

I really wonder if this Iranian Populist and Fascist  government really thinks really thinks that it is capable of making fool out of the whole world? That much? aaaaa, come on! Stop the crap…