These do, those react … We get the result! Story of Egypt and Uncle Cameron

by xenatisch

Cameron urges ‘civilian rule’ after Hosni Mubarak quits

“Egypt has a “precious moment of opportunity” to move towards “civilian and democratic rule” in Egypt, Prime Minister David Cameron has said. His comments follow the resignation of Hosni Mubarak as Egypt’s president. Mr Cameron said the UK is a friend of Egypt that stands ready to “help in any way that we can”. ” – BBC: 11 February 2011 Last updated at 18:05 GMT


These do: Alright, we all hear the new this afternoon (my time), Hosni Mubarak stepped down as leader. I just don’t know why would the Brits be the first to put finger into everything. It was just two weeks ago that they were refusing to react on anything, and just couple of years ago that they were having nice Arabic coffee together inside number 10. What happened suddenly? If Mubarak was bad, how come you just realised it, and how come you “now” start calling it a “precious moment of opportunity”? Why didn’t you do so just last week when people were tearing themselves off? Right, keep it here!

Those react: Ay, we all know that Hosni Mubarak didn’t decide to step down on his own. I mean, if he really wanted to do so, he would have done it just last night, before reading that pre-written speech that made the people angrier than ever. So, apparently, Mr Cameron, Mr Obama, Mr Sarkozi, and so on and so forth realised that continuing this is getting too expensive and it seems that Mubarak’s resignation would be better!

We get the result: Let’s hope for the best, as I said in my previous post, but it’s kind of anarchist-ish. I mean, a revolution without a leader, is that even possible? Which promise of democracy caused all this crisis in Egypt? What about those who lost their lives? What about those who lost their businesses, their jobs, their houses and properties? What about all these? Mr Cameron, please help the Egyptians with this, if you will. You seem too happy for this precious moment of opportunity, would you mind making some of these moments in Britain for the British students who are going to be paying triple as much as they used to in order to get educated and work for their own country?

Stop the crap David, people aren’t stupid, if you are!