These do, those react … We get the result!

by xenatisch


Let’s be mathematical!

These do: If you follow the news, you are not likely to have missed the news that the Iranian stupid fascist government has hung a Dutch-Iranian lady, Zahra Bahrami, under the accusation of drug trafficking.  Now hold it here.

Those react: The day after, our beloved never-into-bad-things Dutch government pronounces all its relationships with Iran frozen. One week after, they recall their ambassador from Tehran. Add this up to the one above!

The result:

1- Iranian people residing in the Netherlands must pay for the mistake of the government they barely even recognise, and the Dutch people in Iran must remain silent about their nationality for some time!

2- The visa issuance of both countries gets frozen for as long as it takes! And those who already have the visa, can’t get their visas renewed, so they either have to return to their country, or claim asylum (in the cases that they cannot return).

3- Students whose documents were absolutely acceptable 6 months ago, now face the lack of credibility in their documents.

4- Those who were doing business, small or big, can no more do so.

and so on and so forth…

Someone died, thousands of ones have to bear the effects of her death, simply because the governments want to show off to each other, and most importantly, to show off to their own citizens!

Sometimes I feel like believing in anarchism!