The holy migration of mine!

by xenatisch

Ow yea, I did it man!

After like 4 years on Multiply®, I found out I really disagree with its freaking Terms of Service, plus, I saw people around me getting deleted on a “regular basis” ! Ay MP, if you need more space, just take off your freaking unlimitedness and bingo, problem will be solved. Stop deleting the content that some people have entrusted your site with, some of which they only have stored over there!

Anyway, there we go, I finished it off. I pronounced my MP site dead yesterday. There has been a number of condolences posted over there so far, which I appreciate very much, but as I have also mentioned there, the season of Multiply is over in my life, it’s time to move on! Like Shawnie (a friend whom I got to know there) said, everything we built there, had been built on sand!

Let us hope our beloved WordPress is going to be more hospitable! (WordPress, I was just complimenting you, in case you didn’t notice.)