Clegg must be kidding!

by xenatisch

Nick Clegg attacks Oxbridge £ 9,000 tuition fees plans

He is just kidding, take it easy guys!

“Nick Clegg warns Oxford and Cambridge universities it is “not up to them” to decide whether to charge fees of £9,000 a year, as he faces an audience of angry students. British deputy prime minister said they had to “dramatically increase” access for poorer students, after Cambridge said it could demand this amount. From 2012, English university fees will be between £6,000 and £9,000 a year.” – BBC: 9 February 2011 Last updated at 18:22 GMT


He gotta freaking kiddin’ people, I suppose. What the …

I tell you Mr Clegg, and Mr Cameron; the UK had been standing over its educational system for years. Over the funds imported to country by the international students, by the knowledge applied in the country by either home students or the international students who later decided to choose the UK as their home. What you, and your government is about to do is going to change it very significantly.

I was speaking to a bunch of primary and secondary students here in Sheffield (where is represented by you personally, Mr Clegg) the other day, and you what? the desired job by like half of them was to become a plumber! Bingo, you have achieve such a goad!

No need to tell me how much pressure you used to put on the shoulders of the international students! But now home students as well? This is really unbelievable!

Mr Clegg, darling, Oxbridge universities shall always have more than enough students, even if they charge 20,000 bloody pounds form tomorrow, there are Lords and Ladies who’d really like their children to have their certificates issued by these, but then, think about the rest of the universities. You may increase the fees by 2.5 times, but you will lose applicants to the universities in Britain by more than 5 percent. I guarantee that. Specially now that many of the European universities are offering their programmes in English, and charge home student fees! Further, many of these students going to other countries for the sake of education, would stay there since they’d learn the language, make a home, and get to know the environment by the time they are done with their educations.

People don’t really want to owe their lives to their governments, believe me you two!  Nick, you have already lost your opportunity for getting elected next time, at least remain honest with the people. I sincerely doubt if you’d even get elected in Sheffield Hallam yourself next time! Time will show!