A waste of money named: the iPad…

by xenatisch

Apple’s latest product, the iPad, has been widely considered as a non-sense product since the announcement.
Here, I am going to do a little bit of surgery on the device.
I believe that before getting into the actual criticism on the iPad, it is required to give a concept on any such device, as well as the actual idea of the Table Computers.
Tablet Computers
Generally, a tablet computer is a slate shaped computer which is completely mobile, touch screen or stylus sensitive, having the ability of operating as an actual computer. There are many kinds and shapes of this product available from different manufacturers, several instances of them are as follows:
– Fujitsu iPAD
– IBM-Lenovo ThinkPad (Tablets)
– HP-Compaq Tablet PC
– HP Slate (not yet released)
– OLPC XO-3 (concept)
– Axiotron Modbook (running Mac OS X)
The term Tablet PC was made popular in a product announced in 2001 by Microsoft, and defined by Microsoft to be a pen-enabled computerconforming to hardware specifications devised by Microsoft and running a licensed copy of the “Windows XP Tablet PC Edition” operating system or a derivative thereof. [1]
The iPad



Let us first introduce the abilities that the iPad has. According to Apple, the technical specifications are as follows: [2]


1- The device dimension is 242.8mm x 189.7mm x 13.4mm.
2- It will be of 3 storage capacities: 16, 32 and 64 GB.
3- It has an A4 processor of 1 GHz.
4- Ability of keeping the battery for 10 hours.
5- Contains two sensors: Accelerometer and Ambient Light
6- Supports WiFi and 3G (through a SIM Card)
7- Bluetooth 2.1 and EDR and GPS
8- Requires iTunes 9 (or later) to synchronise with a computer (Mac or Windows PC)
9- Battery stability.

Now, considering the amount of money that you are going to pay for this device, what will you NOT have:


1- The dimensions of the this device is too big to be an easily portable one, and too small to be enough for the purpose of watching movies or gaming.
2- The smallness of the display, and the fact that most of the games shall rely on the accelerometer (the device which enables the user to act by moving the device), the user will not be able to concentrate on the display for gaming purposes.
3- Because the device is made of a normal LED Backlit display, the user would not feel confortable while reading a book; in other words, the device does not have a proper display for the purpose of reading. [3]
4- Utilising the A4 CPU (1 GHz) is very appreciated, and indeed makes the device considerably fast. But the lack of having a proper cooling system in the device may result in such problems as overheating just so experienced in the iPhone. On the other hand, back of the device is made of Aluminum, which would easily get warmed up; and this may make the user’s hands sweat.
5- The ability of keeping the battery for 10 hours does not particularly correct the inability of the device in having a changeable battery. [2]
6- The device does not have a built-in camera [2]; it is not to say that it requires one, but even very old portable devices that were aimed to be used in the similar circumstances, have all included one for online purposes [4]. This, however, suggests that Apple may have a similar plan as the one it had for the iPhone. (The ordinary iPhone, the 3G and then the 3Gs).
7- The device requires iTunes in order to be connected to a computer; in which case it can only be connected to one computer only. That means, there can only be one computer that you can synchronise your device with or other wise you will have to start doing everything again. [2]
8- The device does not include an internal memory reader and the internal memory itself is neither changeable nor expandable. There, however, is a external adapter that can be bought separately (another way of earning money) which enables the user to transfer only their photographs (taken by their cameras or maybe something else) to the device.
9- The device does not support multitasking; in which case if you are working on something, you cannot switch from one application to another (read a book or a webpage as your reference and write an email simultaneously). That means, to do so, you would need to close down one application, go to the other one, make the most of it, then go back to the previously used application, open it up again and start using it.
10- The requirement of the market for such a device were so obvious. That said neatly simple as “[tablet pc is] a wireless personal computer in the form of a notebook and that allows a user to hand-write notes with a stylus or digital pen on a touch screen ” [5]. Note the part which indicates that is is a “Personal Computer“.
11- The device doesn’t justify the price by any means.
12- The device can only be synchronised with the OS X or Windows (which can run a proper version of iTunes of their own platforms) [2]. This suggests that the device cannot be used on other operating systems such as Linux. The is when Apple is proud of having a Unix-Based operating system.

Looking back to the time when the iPhone was first launched, the concept was so appealing and revolutionary [6]. It was the the first and the only of its kind. But here, the circumstance is absolutely different. The device is not the only instance of its kind. There are variety of such devices as this with many other functionalities and can just like an ordinary computer, HP Slate is a very good instance of a new one of them [7].

I would like to thank my good friends; Tom, Alex and Ciprian; for contributing into a discussion I pronounced in FaceBook the other day as well as some other private discussions on this topic.
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I am an Apple Certified Support Professional with over 4 years of professional experience in Apple devices.