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Month: February, 2011

International pressure increases on the Iranian government

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
February 27, 2011

Statement by National Security Council Spokesman Tommy Vietor on Iran

The United States strongly condemns the Iranian government’s organized intimidation campaign and arrests of political figures, human rights defenders, political activists, student leaders, journalists and bloggers.  The Iranian government also continues to deny its citizens access to information by jamming satellite transmissions and blocking internet sites.

The United States and the world will continue to bear witness to the Iranian government’s blatant violation of the universal rights of its citizens and its ongoing hypocrisy.  The Iranian government should allow active dialogue among its citizens, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly without fear.  Iranians deserve the same justice and rights that their government extols the virtue of abroad.

For citation, click here.


It is very good to see that the international community is about to wake up and face the facts. I believe the above statement, and the speech given by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier today in Geneva, are to be considered amongst the strongest statements that the United States has made towards the revolutionary activities going on in Iran after about 20 months. However, there are still some such countries as the UK, France, Germany, Canada and other NATO members that have not reacted so strongly towards the on going events which I hope to see within the next few days or so.


US Secretary of State condemns Iran’s show on supporting democracy

United States Secretary of State condemns Iranian government on its constant human right abuse at the Human Right Council of the United Nation in Geneva, Switzerland.

Transcribtion of the above video:

Success of peaceful protest has discredited the extremists and exposed their bankrupt arguments.

Iran for example, has consistently pursued policies of violent abroad and tyranny at home and Tehran security forces have beaten, detained and in several recent cases killed peaceful protester even as Iran’s president has made a show of denouncing the violence in Libya.

Iranian authorities have targeted human right defenders, and political activists ex-governments officials and their families, clerics and their children, students leaders and their professors, as well as journalist and bloggers.

Last week the United States imposed new sanctions of iranian officials for serious human rights abuses.

Here, at the human right council, we are proud to be working with Sweden and other partners to establish an special rapporteur on iran. Its mandate would to investigate and report on abuses in iran and to speak out when the government there does not meet its human rights obligations.

Iranian human rights advocates have demanded this step to raise international pressure on their government.

This will be a seminal moment for this council. and a test of our ability to work together to advance the goal that it represents.

Indeed every member of this council should ask him or herself a simple question: why do people have the right to live free from fear in Tripoli, but not Tehran.

The denial of human dignity in iran is an outrage that deserves the condemnation of all who speak out for freedom and justice.

Transcribed by Pouria Hadjibagheri: xenatisch.wordpress.com

Revolutionary Facebook: Newest Political Prisoner?

It has been reported that an order for arresting the famous political activist, known as Facebook®, has been issued. It ought to be considered as the newest political prisoner. There are also talks that it may face execution!

Yes, you read it right. We are about to face a new generation of prosecutions: Web Prosecution.

Tehran Times reported today [citation]:

Saudi king to buy Facebook to end the revolt: report

In what is being termed as pure Wall Street Gordon Gecko tactics, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has decided to make an offer of $150 billion to buy out Facebook.


Inside sources within the kingdom suggest that the King is very upset with Mark Zukerberg for allowing the revolt to get out of control, Ahlul Bayt News Agency reported. In a personal meeting between Mark Zuckerberg and King Abdullah on Jan 25, 2011, Zuckerberg had promised that he would not allow any revolt pages to be formed on Facebook even while he allowed Egypt and Libya revolt pages to be formed.

It has never been of the benefits of these dictators to face reformation in their countries, therefore, they all blocked and banned the usage of some such networking websites. Countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and so on and so forth have these kinds of web services blocked, e.g. Facebook®, Twitter®, MySpace®, Flickr®, Yahoo Profiles®, PicasaWeb® and etc.

After all these attempts, they seem to have realised that blocking is not the solution, anything that is done through the hands of a human being, can be cracked through the hands of another one, and that blocking cannot restrict and hold people from any website. The only thing, however, that it is well capable of doing is: To make people more interested in checking out those blocked ones!

What these lunatic dictators seem to have not realised as of yet is: They don’t know that the news cannot be held, that the freedom of speech cannot be violated. They don’t seem to be willing to understand the fact that it is the communication age, and that the stone is over.

Oscar is of more importance than Libya, Iran or Bahrain!

While chilling about reading my night news, I ended up on the BBC UK Homepage! While I was through reading the headlines, I realised there is no headline dedicated to what’s going on in Libya, in Iran, in Bahrain, in Oman or other countries of that area, or the middle east!

Considering that all the homepages have had a dedicated headline to the news in the middle east, so, what I saw to night, made me have this feeling that the Academy Award, aka Oscar, is of more importance than the news that in actually affecting the world. I have nothing against the Academy Award, in fact, I’m a big fan as well, however, I believe that this is really unacceptable to have removed all the headlines focusing on a particular news that is practically of less importance to the news readers.

I guess this can be considered as a criticism against the BBC.


Click on the photo to enlarged. Captured from the BBC UK Homepage at 22:15 GMT

These do, those react, we get the result… Unproven Theory of Starred Students

Starred Students: If you are looking for an exact and coherent definition for this work, I would recommend the website of International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, click here to read the relevant article. Though, if you are not really up for reading such a big article, and if I summarise the definition to it, it would come as follows:

An Starred Student is a student whose right for studying in higher education has been revoked in Iran (either for a limited, or unlimited amount of time). The reason for this action is merely political and is mostly caused by the political or urban activities against the regime. The government of Iran constantly declines the fact that such a thing exist, however, the number of such students tends to increase regularly. It has also risen issues within different Human Rights defendants such as the UN, Human Right Watch, and so on.

Let’s get to the main topic:

THESE DO: The lunatic fascist regime of Iran tends to show off in the world. It also denies the issues of human right. The seem to be very upset about the Libyan leader, Gaddafi, killing his own people standing in front of the protesters. They seemed quite condemning towards the former Egyptian president, Mubarak, when he was still in power against the wish of the citizens. On the hand, they seem to be doing exactly the same to their own citizens thinking because they have expelled the foreign journalists from the country, no one in the world would get to know what’s going on in Iran. They very well seem to have forgotten that it is the 21st century.

THOSE REACT: Oppositions seem to be constantly standing against the government of Iran, through protests, demonstrations, media (mostly foreign or the internet) and so on. It was only last week that one of the students of Shiraz University, Hamed Nourmohammadi, was killed by the government agents during the demonstrations in and around the university. In Iran, the day of burial, and the 3rd, 7th and 40th days following the burial are considered as special days after someone’s death, so they tend to remember the person, gather together, have some meal and talk about the person while praying for them (in religious families). In the case of this youth, Hamed Nourmohammad, the 3rd days was announced in the university as a day for another demonstration in order to value his death remembering that his death wasn’t in vein.

WE GET THE RESULT: As a result of the demonstration, 200 students of Shiraz University were arrested [citation in Persian: click here], they were not tried  trialled, however, they were sentenced to the following prosecution: Marked as Starred Students for between 2 semesters to lifetime.

This is because there is no such a thing as an Starred Student in Iran… The story of a country in which the name “Starred Student” was first coined but its existence has constantly been denied.

We are no more living in the stone age, this is the 21st century, realise it…

A garrison as wide as Tehran: A prison as wide as Iran…

I was talking to my friends in Tehran earlier today. He sent me a clip from Tehran dated today, showing police forces going everywhere. This is while Fars New Agency reports: “Tehran is in total calm.”, a friend of mine responded immediately: “Right, why are you reporting about it them?”

Watch this:

Define calmness for me, if you would! Lunatic government…

Tehran looks like a military site, and Iran like a prison. So lovely, internet is cut off whenever they want, SMS and mobile stops within all operators and networks whenever they wish, international calls are interrupted and controlled whenever they please.

That is while they condemn Gaddafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali and so on as so forth!

A grisson as wide as Tehran, A prison as wide as Iran…

My photos in the BBC [Persian Service]

My photos from the demonstrations of the Iranians in front of their embassy in London have been published by the BBC in the website of their Persian Service. The Link is as follows:



All rights reserved – Pouria Hadjibagheri: The BBC and The BBC Word Service hold a royalty-free copyright permission of the published photos.

Iranian President: Libyan Sympathies, Gaddafi’s Condemnations, Killing Iranian

I’ll just take it off my mind. It is a must-write-about thing for me!

I was doing my night surf into the news to night that I saw a news. The news is as follows:

The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned Libyan government for attacking the protesters and sympathised with the people indicating: “It is so wrong to do this. I was unbelievable, what we saw and heard happening against the protesters in Libya. They must be stopped. Government must listen to their people, otherwise we all know what might happen to them.

You so gotta be kidding me! This guy is such a freaking clown for goodness sakes. Either I’m unable to like  “digest” what he says and does, or he really is outta his mind. I mean, how can you do such a thing? How can you beat your own people up, kill ’em in the streets while protesting, arrest them, rape them, torture them and just condemn exactly the same stuff while done in another country, funnier, in a country that has always had a good relationship with you, at least so show the evidences, treaties and agreements between the two of you.

This Iranian fascist government is real a lunatic. They really seem to think that they are governing in the 19th century when news and stuff used to travel once a month or so. They really seem to be taking advantage of the peaceful movements going on against them. I personally don’t support aggressive behaviours, but these people are some such real fascists, racist, populist, and by the heart of the meaning on its tradition perspective, terrorist!

They must be stopped, however possible!

I refer you to the following book for further information about how to stand against such governments: Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice, 21st Century Potential by Gene Sharp.

Check it out and speak out about it!

Cutting off the internet: Bad for Egypt, Good for Iran!

I was just reading this article which is in Persian and the news in it sounded so ridiculous of the Iranian government. I’m really wondering how come they cannot act in one way for just one month.

The overall idea of the article is:

The Iranian Telecom has announced that the accept the fact of cutting off the internet at times under the request of the government for some political and security reasons. Mr Khojastenia, from the Iranian Telecom, indicated: “However, the technical and break downs within the systems are by far a greater problem than the political and security reasons”, he added “It is also normal to experience problems while there is an incident that interests the press.”

Man, these people are a lot of fun! It was like 2 weeks ago that they were strongly condemning the Egyptian government for cutting off the internet during the protests and demonstrations in Egypt…

How dare they stand in front of media saying these things, I just wonder!

These do, those react, we get the result: Realise you live in the 21st century

Residents tackle East End “gay free zone” stickers

These do:

“It is no bigger than a postcard but appears to spread a message of hatred and division in an area of east London that many residents pride for its diversity. Reprinted and glued to dozens of lampposts and railings in the area, a flyer states: “Arise and warn. Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment.” It has been discovered near to Shoreditch’s gay pubs and outside a school in Whitechapel, both in Tower Hamlets, east London. But a group of East End residents say they have had enough.” – BBC: 22 February 2011 Last updated at 17:42 GMT

Those react:

“Actor Matthew Blake 27, described the “gay free zone” message on the stickers as “a bullying tactic”. A few individuals think they have the right to tell everyone how they should and shouldn’t feel, and where they are and aren’t allowed to go. It affects everyone and creates unease in the area and that’s not what east London’s about. The area is a multicultural, multi-sexuality place, where you can be who you are and believe in what you want. It’s a shame this has sullied that.” – BBC: 22 February 2011 Last updated at 17:42 GMT


It’s funny to see how some people cannot manage to adapt themselves and their life styles to their current ones. The do not realise that people are free to live the way the choose to unless it affects other people’s lives in a negative way. If something is mentioned in Islam, Christianity or any other religion or ideology, and if you are a follower, keep on following your ideology and leave others’ alone. And the police doesn’t seem to react in a way that it reacts against the student protesters demonstrating against the increase of their tuition fees, or in a way that it reacts towards demonstrations in the streets of London.

I, personally, as a human, as a residence of the UK, as a person, as a gay, as an atheist, as a student, and as journalist, strongly condemn this action against a part of the community I belong to and thereby request investigation and prosecution for it.

Sir Paul Stephenson, and Prime Minister Cameron, it is indeed your duty to provide a safe environment for the residences, and their residents. If you are not capable of it, resign.